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"The Race for Safety Excellence isn't a hundred yard dash, it's more like a marathon." - Tom Walsh, Montana Rail Link President

Railroads: Safer than Most Other Industries

Railroads: Safer than Most Other Industries. Please click on the image to view the chart.

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Working Around Maintenance Work
The safety of our people, cargo and the public is our number one priority. We make every effort to strategically schedule maintenance to maximize the safety of all involved and minimize the impact felt by our customers. When service interruptions are anticipated, we work closely with our customers, connecting railroads and employees to ensure that freight moves expeditiously.


Safety: A Small Word with Huge Emphasis at Montana Rail Link.

At Montana Rail Link, the safety of our people, cargo and the public is our number one priority.  We are committed to the belief that, if something cannot be done safely, it shouldn’t be done.

Everyone here at MRL is empowered to make safety the most important aspect of every day, above all else.  We strive to make our company accident and injury free by developing a strong Safety Culture within our organization that generates recognition, control and elimination of potential hazards, as well as facilitating an environment where each person within our company shares in safety success.

Dedicated to Safety - Everyday

The Training, Rules & Safety (TRS) Department at MRL has a dedicated staff that devotes their time to training and developing our people.  Employees are thoroughly trained and tested on safety and operating rules, regulations, and laws that govern our company and the entire rail industry.  Additional training is conducted regularly on many topics including hazardous materials, hearing conservation and track safety standards.  The staff at TRS is also charged with monitoring statistical information from our railroad and others around the country.  We use this information to track trends that cover a broad spectrum of safety related data, then use those trends to develop action plans for further improvement our safety record.

We are constantly searching for ways to better understand all aspects of safety in our industry and what steps must be taken to achieve our ultimate goal:  Zero accidents, zero injuries