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Missoula, Montana 59808
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Flagging on Montana Rail Link Right of Way

General Flagging Information

  • Private Property: MRL's railroad right of way is private property.
  • Flagger Required: MRL's federally-mandated safety rules require a flagger (or, rarely, a track may be locked out of service) for third party projects in which people and equipment will be within 25 feet of railroad tracks
  • Paying for Flagging: The cost of flagging shall be paid by the requesting party.
  • Flagging Cost: Flagging is estimated to cost $1,000 per day. The time of flagging begins and ends at the flagger's workplace (including travel time). Flagging costs can also include (but not be limited to) supervisory time and vehicle usage

Steps for Obtaining a Flagger

  1. Submit an application for a Temporary Occupancy Permit (TOP)
  • The TOP application can be found at:
  • The application shall be submitted to MRL's Real Estate Dept. at the following address:

Real Estate Department, Montana Rail Link, PO Box 16624, Missoula, MT 59808

  1. You will be contacted to provide the required 100% flagging deposit and info as follows:
    • Requestor's company Name and address
    • Requestor's contact person doing the work: name, email, and phone number
    • Requestor's contact person for MRL's billing invoice: Name, email, and phone number
    • Requestor's company's internal project reference number or code
    • Location of project work and type of work to be done
    • Requested start date and duration of work within 25 feet of any railroad tracks
  1. Once contacted, send the required deposit check to MRL at the following address:

Montana Rail Link, PO Box 16390, Missoula, MT 59808

  • Write "Flagging Deposit" in memo line of check
  1. After your deposit check is received, MRL will create a billable work order and advise the local Supervisor that a flagger will be requested
  1. MRL will provide you with the local supervisor's contact information
    • Contact the MRL supervisor at least five (5) days in advance of your date requested
    • Provide a flagger only when the railroad's workforce and workload allow.
  2. After completion of flagging, a balancing invoice (either payment due or refund) will be sent to the billing address