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About MRL

"The safety of our employees and the people in the communities we serve is our top priority - nothing else even comes close." -Tom Walsh, MRL President

Montana Rail Link At-a-Glance...
Route Miles: 937
Employees: 1,200
Locomotives: 82
Freight Cars: 1,100
Total Carloads Freight: 360,000
Payroll & Profit Sharing: $80 Million
State Taxes Withheld: $3 Million
Property Taxes Assessed: $9 Million


Principal Commodities:

About Montana Rail Link

Montana Rail Link, Inc. (MRL) is an FRA Class II regional railroad that has been partnering with businesses for twenty five years to ship their freight across Montana, the nation and the globe. The MRL system consists of more than 900 miles of track in the states of Montana, Idaho and Washington; connects with BNSF Railway; and handles more than 360,000 carloads annually. It is one of Montana’s major employers, providing jobs for approximately 1,000 people living in towns all along our route. Our dedicated employees serve their home communities through involvement in a wide variety of causes.

MRL is one of the independently operated Washington Companies, founded by Montana industrialist Dennis R. Washington. As the nation's eighth largest railroad, it is headquartered in Missoula, Montana and is privately held. Major freight classification yards and car repair shops are situated at Laurel and Missoula. The majority of the locomotive maintenance is done at a repair facility in Livingston.

Montana Rail Link connects with the BNSF Railway at Laurel and Garrison, Montana as well as Spokane, Washington. The majority of MRL’s main line is single track with passing sidings and is controlled by Centralized Traffic Control from the Transportation Center in Missoula. The railroad is one of two operating within the Washington Companies. The other, Southern Railway of British Columbia (SRY Rail Link), is also a Class II based in New Westminster, B.C., Canada.