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Supplier Tools

The Procurement Department seeks to strategically facilitate the acquisition, distribution and management of company materials, services and information. We value the relationships created with our suppliers and contractors while adhering to a high standard of ethical behavior and safety compliance. We welcome the participation of our suppliers and contractors in our solicitation process and encourage open communication to facilitate long-term partnership.

All purchases of goods and services are made on the following basis:

  1. Purchases must be authorized in advance with a contract or purchase order number (with the exception of local purchases less than $1,000).
  2. Purchase orders are disbursed from the Procurement Department.
  3. Competitive bidding is encouraged in all possible instances.
  4. Bid analysis is made on a total cost of ownership basis.
  5. Only bids meeting all bid specifications are considered. While many of our suppliers and contractors are also valued customers, reciprocity is not a basis for awarding business. The Procurement Department seeks to obtain the best overall value and does not award business on the basis of a supplier’s or contractor’s status.

All purchase orders will be submitted by the Procurement Department. If a credit application is required, please contact the applicable Procurement Manager. Invoices must be submitted to the Accounts Payable Department.