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"The Race for Safety Excellence isn't a hundred yard dash, it's more like a marathon." - Tom Walsh, Montana Rail Link President

24 Hour Emergency Hotline - 1.800.338.4750 - Request the Chief Dispatcher

Preserving and Protecting the Railroad
Security of our widely spread equipment and property requires expert attention to prevent theft, trespassing or destruction. MRL relies upon the diligence and attention of all its personnel as well as the services of a local security contractor to provide a first line of defense. Security translates to safety of employees, the public and our customers’ freight.


Preserving and Protecting the Railroad We've Built.

Keeping Montana Rail Link safe and secure with over 900 miles of mainline track can be challenging.  Vandalism to signal equipment and crossings, thefts of tools and material, and trespassing represent the most common threats to a safe and secure railroad.  Montana Rail Link relies upon its employees to be mindful and watchful to potential safety and security threats and to report any suspicious activity immediately to the local 911 center.  To further secure our yard operations, MRL utilizes a local security contractor to guard against trespass, theft and vandalism.

As with its employees, MRL relies on the citizens of Montana, particularly those living in proximity of the railroad, to report unsafe or suspicious situations to local law enforcement or the Chief Dispatcher.  Over the years of operation, citizen involvement has prevented numerous situations from becoming severe incidents. 

Regarding trespassers, Montana Rail Link has a very strict “No Trespassing” policy for its property, especially in the switching and yard areas.  Due to the complex nature of railroad operations, the movement of large equipment and machinery, and the volume of work being performed; railroad operations can be dangerous for the untrained.  Unauthorized climbing on or access to trains and track equipment is a serious security and safety violation.

While providing essential service to our customers, Montana Rail Link takes no shortcuts in keeping the MRL line, its shipments and its employees safe and secure.