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"The Race for Safety Excellence isn't a hundred yard dash, it's more like a marathon." - Tom Walsh, Montana Rail Link President

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Teaching Public Safety
MRL regularly carries its safety message out into communities and schools. We support the Operation Lifesaver educational program which promotes awareness and conscientious behavior around railroad equipment, bridges, rights-of-way, and crossings. The message is important to all ages, even adults who often become complacent. Our goal is zero accidents for everyone, all of the time.

Operation Lifesaver

Operation Lifesaver

Operation Lifesaver is an international, non-profit education and awareness program dedicated to ending tragic collisions, fatalities and injuries at highway-rail grade crossings and on railroad rights of way. To accomplish its mission, Operation Lifesaver promotes 3 E's:

Operation Lifesaver strives to increase public awareness about the dangers around the rails. The program seeks to educate both drivers and pedestrians to make safe decisions at crossings and around railroad tracks.

Operation Lifesaver promotes active enforcement of traffic laws relating to crossing signs and signals and private property laws related to trespassing.

Operation Lifesaver encourages continued engineering research and innovation to improve the safety of railroad crossings.

Operation Lifesaver programs are sponsored cooperatively by federal, state and local government agencies; highway safety organizations; and the nation’s railroads.

Working Together for the Safety of All.

Montana Rail Link employs Operation Lifesaver trained and certified volunteer speakers who provide free safety presentations for various professions and for all age groups in an effort to increase public safety around railroad tracks. Presentations are typically an hour in length and can be tailored to the audience, whether it be a kindergarten class or log truck drivers. To request a presentation, please contact us.  Educational brochures and videos, coloring books for children and training information can be found on the Operation Lifesaver website,