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Flagging on Montana Rail Link Right of Way

General Flagging Information

  • The railroad right of way is private property.
  • MRL's federally-mandated safety rules require a flagger (or, rarely, a track may be locked out of service) for third party projects in which people and equipment will be within 25 feet of railroad tracks.
    • Examples include (but not limited to) construction of wirelines, pipelines or surveying.
  • Third parties seeking to enter MRL's right of way may need to do both of the following:
  • The cost of permitting, insurance, and flagging for such projects shall be borne by the requesting party.

Billable Work Order

  • To obtain a flagger for a project within MRL's right of way, a billable work order must be created.
  • MRL needs the following information from the party (hereinafter Company) requesting flagging to create a billable work order:
    1. Company Name
    2. Contact Person for Doing the Work
      • Telephone number
      • Email address
    3. Contact Person for MRL's Billing Invoice
      • Telephone number
      • Email address
    4. Company Address
    5. Company's Internal Project Reference Number/Name
    6. Commencement and Duration of Project
    7. Location of Project and Type of Work to be done

Cost of Flagging

  • MRL requires a 100 percent (100%) deposit for the estimated total flagging cost to assign a flagger.
    • If the actual flagging cost exceeds the deposit, then the Company will be invoiced for additional costs.
    • Any deposit funds overpaid shall be refunded to the Company by MRL.
  • Flagging cost is estimated at $1,000 per day.
    • The time of flagging begins and ends at the flagger's workplace (including travel time).
    • Flagging costs can also include (but not be limited to) supervisory time and vehicle usage.

Flagger Assignments

  • Once MRL receives the Company's deposit check, the local MRL supervisor is notified that a billable work order has been created and that a flagger will be requested by the Company.
  • At that time, the Company's representative is provided the MRL supervisor's contact information as well.
  • MRL's policy is to provide a flagger only when the railroad's workforce and workload allow.
  • Contact the MRL supervisor at least five (5) working days in advance of your requested flagger need.
  • It is necessary to arrange a flagger with the MRL supervisor. A voice mail request is insufficient.