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101 International Drive
P.O. Box 16624
Missoula, Montana 59808
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Railroad Milepost, and how are they figured?

    Milepost markers are similar to highway mile markers and can be identified from a physical inspection of the property. Generally speaking, railroad mileposts are one mile the full answer

Do I need permission to park on or use railroad property?

    Yes - railroad property is private property. The railroad has every right to control and monitor use and access. Any unauthorized use of railroad property is trespassing. If you witness any unauthorized use of railroad property, please contact us.

Do I need to be the adjacent land owner in order to lease railroad right of way?

    No - MRL does give preference to the adjacent land owner, however you don't need to be the adjacent land owner in order to lease the right of way.

Who is responsible for fencing a leased area?

    The lease holder.  As the lessee, you are responsible for maintaining and installing any fences necessary to control access to the site or any livestock you place on site.

Who is responsible for controlling the weeds on a leased site?

    The lessee is responsible for all weed control within the boundaries of the lease area.

Can I have a driveway across the tracks or running parallel to the tracks?

    For safety reasons there are many details involved with this type of access.  More information...

Does Montana Rail Link allow hunting on company property or rights-of-way?

No. For safety reasons, this access is not allowed.