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"Our Missoula location is primarily rail served and because we can only unload one car at a time our rail spur presents a challenge for MRL. All we have to do is call MRL and the job gets done." -Corey Skeers, Manager GTS Interior Supply

Energy, Coal & Steel

Energy, in the form of petroleum products and coal, is big business in Montana. Montana Rail Link is situated at the north end of the Powder River Basin, and we play a major role in movement of coal to industrial consumers as well as to the utility sector in the northwest. Having served three crude oil refineries in the Billings area, Montana Rail Link’s experience in transporting petroleum-related products is second to none. Participation in the movement of asphalt, petroleum coke, LPG’s, diesel, and gasoline to domestic and international markets requires an understanding of the petroleum products industry and the service needs particular to it.

We recognize that both the petroleum products and coal industries are in a constant state of change and that our future success will be based on our own commitment to remain a dynamic and safe provider of transportation services. Put our over 20 years of knowledge and expertise to work for you. MRL can find the solution to support your individual needs, offering flexibility and assistance in the logistics of transportation from the mine to the stockpile and from the refinery to destinations around the world.

Contact your Energy, Coal & Steel representative for assistance and additional information. We look forward to partnering with you.