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"Our Missoula location is primarily rail served and because we can only unload one car at a time our rail spur presents a challenge for MRL. All we have to do is call MRL and the job gets done." -Corey Skeers, Manager GTS Interior Supply

101 International Drive
P.O. Box 16390
Missoula, Montana 59808
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Credit Application

To take advantage of safe and cost-efficient shipping with Montana Rail Link, you need to be a MRL customer. Please complete and submit our simple, one-page credit application.

Download the Credit Application

Please note:
Montana Rail Link’s credit terms require that payment be made within I.C.C. regulations (i.e. 15 calendar days beginning on the day following presentation of the freight bill) unless otherwise specified by contract, tariff, quote, or price list.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to assist and look forward to partnering with you for your shipping needs.


Our Credit Terms:

Charges billed on credit terms shall be paid as follows:

For Regulated Traffic: Payment shall be made within I.C.C. regulations, i.e. 15 calendar days beginning on day following presentation of freight bill.

For Deregulated Traffic: Payment shall be made within the same terms as Regulated Traffic unless otherwise specified by contract, tariff, quote, or price list.

(The postmark dates on the envelopes shall be deemed as the dates of bill presentation and remittance.)

If billing is in error, you should correct the rate, weight or other differences and pay the corrected amount. Tariff authority or other reason for correction should be shown. If you receive a bill not for your account, please return to sender with explanation.

Overcharges and loss and damage claims must be filed separately and cannot be deducted from another bill.

Credit arrangements for Joint MRL/BNSF Traffic are contingent on a payment practice within this policy.