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"Our Missoula location is primarily rail served and because we can only unload one car at a time our rail spur presents a challenge for MRL. All we have to do is call MRL and the job gets done." -Corey Skeers, Manager GTS Interior Supply

Chemicals & Fertilizer

Through connections with the country’s major railroads, Montana Rail Link provides safe and seamless service from chemical producing regions to packaging and consuming markets. Safe movement for a variety of chemicals and fertilizers has been a priority for Montana Rail Link throughout our over 20 year history.

We’ve made a significant investment to insure certified and trained staff in the safe handling of all hazardous materials shipped on or across our line. Let us offer you our knowledge and expertise to help solve your equipment and other individualized needs for any movement of fertilizers or chemicals.

Contact your Chemicals & Fertilizer representative for assistance and additional information. We look forward to partnering with you.